Security and Performance in a Smart Tablet featuring Biometric Identification



Android 7.1 OS and Quad-core 1.1 GHz A7 Processor

User Friendly Tablet with a Modern 8 inches Colorful and Intuitive Touchscreen

Designed to Capture

Multimode Tablet supporting Fingerprint and Iris Scanning, IC Card Reading, NFC & Barcode Scanning


Provides High-Speed Extraction and Matching of Fingerprints within the Scanner thanks to the Certified Fingerprint Module BM-Slim 2S built-in


Tablet Device IP65 Certified and compliant with IP67 Standards


The Biotech8 is suitable for different environments. Whether it is in the public sector, or in biometric data collection, or in law enforcement, or transportation or warehousing, the Biotech8 is perfect for meeting the needs of different scenarios looking for a strong and reliable authentication and management efficient device. From our family of authentication devices, the Biotech8 offers the SUPREMA fingerprint module BM-Slim 2S built-in, providing high-speed extraction and matching of fingerprints, supporting too the HID protocol and providing range leading powerful 1.0GHz CPU. The Biotech8 is all about protection and performance. It is IP65 certified, but is manufactured according to the IP67 certifications standards. Furthermore, it uses the Android 7.1 OS and the Qualcomm MSM8909 chipset Quad-core CPU, delivering a reliable device easy to use and excellent performance. Likewise, the Biotech8 supports 4G/3G networks, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity. In addition this powerful fingerprint recognition terminal, Biotech8 uses an efficient design plus multiple functions, which by including rear or front camera, it would allow users to take photos of documents, Iris, or scan two-dimensional code. The Biotech8 is a multipurpose identification tablet suitable for different type of customers and needs.

Technical Specifications*


  • Quad-Core 1.1GHz – Qualcomm MSM8909 chipset

Fingerprint Module:

  • BM-Slim 2S – FAP20 Standalone Authentication Scanner Module

Operative System:

  • Android 7.1


  • Up to 2GB RAM, 16GB FLASH

Ext. Memory:

  • 1 TF Card slot, up to 32GB


  • Graphical Colorful Touchscreen 1280*800 pixels – 8 Inch TFT

Front Camera:

  • Front Camera 2MP – fixed focus
  • Iris Scanner change available

Rear Camera:

  • Rear Camera 5MP – auto focus
  • Rear Camera 8MP – auto focus
  • Iris Scanner change available


  • One (1) standard SIM slot
  • Dual SIM slot option
  • One (1) SIM and one (1) SAM


  • WCDMA/GPRS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth
  • NFC

Card Readers:

  • SMART CARD: ISO 7816 1.8V, 3V, 5V synchronous & asynchronous T=0 and T=1
  • CONTACTLESS: ISO14443 Type A/B, Mifare®, ISO18092 compliant • NFC


  • Digital Audio Speaker, Microphone

Peripheral Ports:

  • 1 Micro USB, 1 Audio Jack

Power Supply:

  • Input: 100-240V AC; Output: 5V DC, 2A


3.8V/8540mAh, Lithium Polymer Rechargeable Battery


  • GPS

Dimensions (mm):

  • 262(L)×160(W)×30(H)


  • CE and IP65

*These are all the technical specifications available. The device can be personalized according to the customer needs; hence the final product and the price may vary accordingly.

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