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This brand means security. The IoT era coming is a fact. Embracing the convenience and smartness of it would require next level of security. Strong biometric authentication is our present and your future.


Quality is in our core. We integrate acknowledged technologies as Android, Qualcomm & Suprema with our production efficiency, our technical capabilities and our customer service expertise.


Our technology is drive by the best practices and the needs of the market, from lean engineering theories to interoperability and the flexibility demanded by each local market.



Provides Secure and Smart Authentication in an Ergonomic and Powerful Handheld Device


Security and Performance in a Smart Tablet featuring Biometric Identification


Perfect and Suitable Multi-functional solution for Kiosks in diverse Retail Environments

Where can we help you....

PC/Network Security 65%
Smartcard Application 50%
Time and Attendance System 81%
Public Application 94%
Health and Medical 86%
Telecommunication 83%
Banking/Finance 89%
POS/mPOS 59%
ATM/Kiosk 67%
Enterprise 71%

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