About Us

Our Journey

Biotech have been on a truly exhilarating journey; we’ve secured investment, built a talented team of entrepreneurs that bring along more than twenty years of experience in the industry that in addition to the technical and service oriented know-how, they have a level of exposure and awareness that has allowed us to build strategic alliances with manufacturing, technical and service suppliers. In such a way, these competences allowed us to offer products that meet the security needs of the IoT. Biometric authentication enhances security offering a smooth authentication experience without compromising the user experience. IoT is coming, HIS forecasts states that the IoT market will grow from 15.4 billion devices (2015) to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion by 2025. Little is missing to see us surrounded by IoT technology, reading our every move and forecasting the next one. Connectivity is what makes smart smarter. All this convenience and smartness requires superior security, and Biometric authentication offers security, privacy and usability.

Furthermore, we have built excellence throughout products that integrates Android operating systems, Qualcomm processors, SUPREMA authentication modules, among other strategic partnerships, assuring our customers acknowledged technologies within our products. Why do we decide to go with Android, for example? 

This is a mobile OS developed by Google, designed initially for touchscreen devices. Android has further developed its OS for different “things”, allowing us too to be closer to the present and future possibilities of the IoT landscape. Overcoming the two billion monthly active users, becoming the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones and tablets, Biotech guarantees to have a universal operating system. In consequence, together with our other recognized integrated technologies, our business relationships and strategic alliances, plus our production efficiency, our technical capabilities and our customer service expertise, we deliver excellence.

However, why stop there. In Biotech we believe in maximizing value to our customers. Hence, we decided to approach our developments and offer adapting lean manufacturing (LM) principles to our technology. Biotech is not only about security and performance, is also about added value. Delivering a secure and superior device is not enough; we want to go the extra mile by offering our customers the convenience of mobile devices alternatives, ergonomic and efficient. But furthermore, by offering personalization features that according to their needs allow us to eliminate what isn’t needed, known in LM as waste. Our Lean Mobile policy eliminates waste allowing us to deliver a much more convenient and competitive device increasing value to our customers.

Our Offer

The convenience of cutting-edge mobile devices, modern and ergonomic, secure and powerful, but thanks to our lean production policy, within reach of all budgets. Devices that meet the needs of the coming IoT era, which forced of powerful authentication methods, seek for enhanced security along with usability. And even though the IoT market is still taking baby steps being security one of its challenges, it is in fact this challenge mandatory today in our always evolving eco-system of connectivity. Hence, this security and convenience is already applicable in Enterprises, Public applications, Telecommunication companies, PC/Network Security, Smartcard Applications, in POS/mPOS, in Time and Attendance Systems, Health and Medical, in ATM/Kiosk, among other market segments. Biotech IoT products enhances security offering a smooth authentication experience and mobile convenience.

Our Corporate Responsibility

Biotech IoT is committed to conducting our business aligned with the uppermost ethical, legal and environmental standards. Our guidelines strengthen our obligation to these standards and provide each shareholder of our company with direction and assessment in understanding the standards required within the company; these are supported by our core values, which shape the culture of Biotech, outlining how we behave and how we take decisions.

  • Biotech believes, prepare and embrace change, acting fast and decisively.
  • Biotech performs with Reliability and Accountability.
  • Biotech pursuits a value chain as whole, working as a team with our suppliers, partners and customers.
  • Biotech most important assets are its customers.
  • Biotech seeks for sustainable service models.

Our People

The success of our business is based on the strength and experience of our team of entrepreneurs. We work with talented developers, engineers and business professionals working in biometrics today, who love the industry and finding solutions.

Our Location

We’re a locally based business with global reach. Our HQ is in Hong Kong, China and we have touch-points in Beijing, mainland China, in Vienna, Austria and in Bogota, Colombia.

Our Features

Biometrics for IoT

A smooth connection to the IoT growing ecosystem is our aim. The latest SUPREMA – FAP20 Authentication Scanner Module allows us to enrich our devices with Advanced Live Finger Detection (LFD) Technology, providing us High-Speed Extraction and Matching.

Enhanced Security

Our devices are built with the BM-Slim 2S fingerprint module, which enhances security by featuring on-device encryption of fingerprint templates as well as supporting security protocols as Wi-Fi, WPA2 and HTTPS. Moreover, it discriminates fake fingerprints made from various materials including clay, rubber, silicon, glue, paper, film and more.

All about Superiority

The Biotech technologies use the Android operating system (OS). This is a mobile OS developed by Google, designed initially for touchscreen devices. Additionally, our devices use Qualcomm Snapdragon Processors specially designed to enhance the mobile experience of everyone.

Lean Mobile

Looking to increase value to our customers we developed the Lean Mobile approach, which means going the extra mile by offering our customers the efficiency of a mobile device with personalization options allowing them to eliminate what isn’t needed; waste. Eliminating waste we deliver a much more competitive device increasing value to the customer.

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